Improvisation Writings

Improvisation is an interdisciplinary discipline that many artists use, and it is a way of looking at life and society from a certain perspective.

Here you can find several articles that I have written on the subject in the past:

Dancing in the middle(1) MAF - 2011-07-15 - IMG_6420 - 1
(about improvisation and rituals, European and African thinking)

This is the English version of Dutch article published in September 2004 in TM – de Theatermaker. Click here for the dutch Version: Dansen in het midden

Antifragility and Improvisation
(introduction to linking Improvisation thinking with N.N. Taleb’s concept of ‘Antifragility’ – in which he advocates to allow a certain instability in our societal structures to make them more stable on the long term)

Problems: Welcome! (Tight places are good for you)
(full article linking concepts of ‘Antifragility’ with the work/techniques of improvisers from different disciplines)

(Dis)connecting the Dots
(conclusions from a project where dance, theatre and music was being merged on equal grounds in improvisation performance)

On Improvisation and Objects
(inspirational statement for the object/puppet-theatre and improvisation series Imps@work&soup!)

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