A capella & dance Instant Composition concert @the Bimhuis

grow_michaelOn 13 April 2015, I am invited to perform as vocalist in the Monday Match performance curated by Michael Schumacher and Sandra Pujols.


Special about this evening will be that the only musicians present are vocalists, therefore it will be pure a-capella instant composition in combination with the dancers. No instruments on stage this time, only BODIES.

Come and see it!

Monday 13 April 2015  – 20:30  
entrance: free! (courtesy of the Bimhuis)

Dancers: Ainara Garcia Navarro, Job Cornelissen, Madeline Harms, Michael Schumacher.

Singers: Heike Jakob, Cora Schmeiser, Thomas Johannsen, Rutger de Groot, Sandra Pujols

Licht: Emese Csornai

weblink: http://bimhuis.nl/concerten/monday-match-72

Wonderland performs


There is another edition of Wonderland (music and dance performance for kids and parents), this afternoon at Oostblok theatre, Amsterdam. I will perform with some lovely musicians and dancers. Grab your kids and be there!

15 February (zondag) in  Oostblok Amsterdam Oost
“ Take Off” -Wonderland-
16:00 start
Sajetplein 39
1091DB Amsterdam
Dans/ Sylvain Meret, Valentina Campora, Thomas Johannsen, Makiko Ito
Muziek/ Yedo Gibson, Alfredo Genovesi, Marie Guilleray
Licht/ Ellen Knops

Noise only exists in our minds

Originally posted on Genetic Choir:

microtonal wallFrom noise to music and back, is it a question of the mind and it’s perspective? It certainly is an experience we recognise in the Genetic Choir work: Many voices that are creating a noise-wall of sound will become more musically distinct purely by the joint effort of singers and audience members to listen more closely or changing their listening position.

A new blogpost on the lovely website everydaylistening.com yesterday describes the “Microtonal Wall” of Tristan Perich. And in the description of it makes the above statement: Noise is something which exists in our minds only – we just can’t keep track of all the different things happening at once, so it becomes “noise”. (whole blogpost is here)

The inspiring thing about this aspect of noise/music when talking about live performance is that it creates a much more reciprocal relationship between performers and listeners when instant composing: Singers of…

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Improvised and Hacked: Two Genetic Choir concerts

It’s a week with Genetic Choir activity in two very different (sub)cultural contexts. Come and listen!

29th of January 2015, 22:30 – Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

Late Night Concert on international festival for improv theatre, IMPRO Amsterdam

More info and tickets: click here for the festival website, here for the blogpost

30th of January 2015, 21:00 – 4bidGallery, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

Be_Hacker Sound Performance on Minikunstfestival 2015

Entrance: free  /  Doors Gallery open at 8pm, start performance at 9pm – More info: click here




Bimhuis performance with sewing machine

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 15.42.09

This Monday I will be dancing in Bimhuis again, this time with Anne LaBerge on flute/electronics, Wilbert de Joode on double-bass, Ben Brown on drums, Hartyáni Gábor on cello and Lisa Simpson on sewing machine (!!!). My fellow dancers will be Kenzo Kusuda, Kim Hoogterp, Rita Vilhena and Alma Sua Lindenhovius. Ellen Knops will be on lights.

All brought together by Ben and Alma, who are curating the evening.

Looking forward to it. Let’s have a great opening of this new year of interdisciplinary improvised performance!

5th of January 2015, 20:30, Bimhuis, Amsterdam

2015 with the Genetic Choir

Thomas Johannsen:

This is going to be an exciting year! :-)

Originally posted on Genetic Choir:


The new year is approaching, and here is an overview of when and where to experience the Genetic Choir In 2015 (concerts, workshops, projects). Some concrete dates for the next few month and some glass-bowl looking for other things to come…

17+18 January 2015 – 10:30-17:00 – OLD SONGS, NEW SONGS (open workshop sessions)

29 January 2015 – 22:30 – LATE NIGHT CONCERT in the Compagnietheater, hosted by international theatre improv festival IMPRO Amsterdam

31 January 2015 – 13:00-16:00 – Genetic Choir taster workshop on IMPRO Amsterdam

1 March 2015 —  GENETIC CHOIR ONE-DAY SESSION (open workshop session)

21+22 March 2015  —  SPACE / SOUND / BODIES , 10:30-17:00 (open workshop sessions)

13+14 June 2015 —  RHYTHM AND TIME(ING) , 10:30-17:00 (open workshop sessions)


  • There’ll be an electronic-vocal concert of the Genetic Choir at STEIM, as part of a collaboration with Robert van Heumen, later…

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new workshop aikido/impro-dance in February !

Instant composition performance and aikido principles – I explored this theme for one weekend with some dedicated dancers and aikidoka’s in October, and we now decided to pick a date directly for a 2nd edition in February!

You are welcome to join us.

Experience in either improvisation dance or aikido required (at least one of the two). Tell us you are interested by also telling us a bit about your experience – apply through the website of Dansimprovisatie Utrecht.

The Moment of Contact

7 + 8 February 2015, 10:30-16:30 – Utrecht


Aikido training has many things in common with Contact Improvisation (strong sense of centre, flow, yielding to the partner’s movement) but being a martial art, some things are decidedly different. The fact that you work with an opponent means that timing and distance are crucial. The moment of contact, or more precisely the moment just before the contact is where everything is decided.

As timing is also crucial for improvisation performers, we will spend this weekend researching timing, flow and making bold decisions (at the right time  :-) ).

​We will train our bodies to be physically and mentally “on time” by discerning between almost contact (when no real commitment is given to the moment), full contact (when there are no options anymore) and the moment of contact when for both imagination and physical reality, all options are still open.

In aikido, it is the moment where you either yield to your partner (becoming one) or pro-actively move in, creating a new situation. Therefore, it is also a moment that asks for unhesitant action. In dance improvisation we sometimes loose ourselves in the flow of movement, which in performance context can become problematic. Aikido training teaches us to combine flow with crisp choices and our openness/availability to ‘what is’ with the courage to seize the moment and make it your own.

This workshop is recommended for all physical improvisers who want to strengthen their ability to instantly compose, but also for aikido practitioners who are interested in dance improvisation. Would be exciting to have a mixed group of improvisers and aikidoka’s on this weekend!

The workshop is organised by Iris van Peppen and Dansimprovisatie Utrecht&Amsterdam (DIU&A). To inscribe for the workshop, visit www.dansimprovisatie.com or write to info@dansimprovisatie.com

(full info on the workshop is here)

Thomas Johannsen