About me & what I do

I believe in performance as a thing that happens between people. I find the relationship that is built between audience and artists in a performative situation one of the most fascinating aspects of my work.
The segregation of the performing arts into different disciplines (text-, physical-, object/puppet theatre, dance, music, opera, performance art, etc. ) has, while being partly obsolete, the interesting aspect that each discipline creates its own codes and expectations with their respective audiences. As a director, I enjoy to look at these codes and bend them to create new, unexpected experiences for that shared moment that performers and public find themselves in.

I am fond of performance that is working on the imaginary mind. Like music and dance, visual theatre can communicate rather effortlessly to us in a poetic language, while text theatre usually has to make a detour along our analytic mind. It is exciting to mix both ways and both minds. And then, also text/words can be used to evoke images rather than thoughts. And music can be brainy. So when talking theatre and performance, I am talking composition of images and thoughts: How do all the performative aspects communicate with each other to evoke multi-layered meaning for this fascinating sense-maker we carry around in our heads?

In most of my work, I am particularly interested in the quality of being ‘unprepared and committed’ (as performers and as audience).
Any situation is improvised to a higher or lesser degree (even a completely rehearsed performance or a board meeting is) and there is a certain mindset in which we can allow this unpreparedness to work for us. Even if we have learned the words and fixed the movements for the piece, performing from the attitude of unpreparedness (a beginner’s mind / stepping into the abyss) creates an invaluable bond with the moment and with your audience.
Instant Composition is taking this quality one step further into the realm of composing pieces: How can we build something meaningful together, with no or only very little rules to start with?