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“dear Thomas,
few days after our workshop in Prague, I realized, that what I took from it really differs from what I thought I needed or expected. I expected to change my perspective, to let it be, to play, to have fun, to experience lightness of being. And yes, it worked fine, but here is what I unexpectedly found:
Structural clarity of improvisation
I find your way of explanation of techniques and way of speaking about improvisation really revealing. I learned in few exercises we did to understand where am I, what is the “place”, when is the change, to recognize what is coming and to react on it. Also in reflections, you directed us not to speak about impro pieces emotionally or speculatively (about what we could have done better, etc) but to reflect on them structurally. And this is what I needed. To know where am I in this moment, to understand, that improvisation is not vague, indeterminate, but clear, that there are “places” and changes and “places” that are close to previous ones or really far, that they can return so we can abandon them without frustration and find the old ones or the new unexpected ones with joy. Thank you very much for the workshop and I hope to meet you again, there are so many things I would like to learn :)”
Milena, participant Instant Improvization / Genetic Choir workshop in Prague

“Hi Thomas,
I am still in awe of the affect your workshop had on me.  It helped me re-connect with a part of who I am that I’ve been missing these past few years, which was exactly what I was looking for.  And the warmth and openness of the group made each discovery a gift I will always cherish.  Truly inspiring and soul soothing… it was like coming home. Thanks again.”
Margo (participant Voice Intensive)

“I had the pleasure of working with Thomas on several projects, in the Genetic Choir, and also in his role as dramaturg and teacher. I’ve come to know and appreciate him as an inspiring artist, teacher and person. Thomas combines his clear vision and knowledge with a thorough understanding and love of people. He is a very sensitive and authentic person, who inspires others to do greater things than they ever thought they would be able to.”
Alexandra (participant Genetic Choir and Genetic Chamber Choir)

“Thomas is very good at creating a relaxed, open and interested atmosphere in a group. He has a wide experience when it comes to working with voice, movement and acting and uses it in a creative way.”
Petrie (participant Genetic Choir)

“Thomas is an inspiring director/coach and performing artist. His qualities: he is able to bring many people together, he creates an atmosphere where authenticity, creativity and freedom are primary, he is sensitive and intuititive and has a great and warm personality, he has a deep colourful voice, he thinks out-of-the-box, he makes surprising and new visual theatre.”
Anita (participant Genetic Choir, Voice Intensive and Instant Dramaturgy)

“In working with Thomas in the Genetic Choir, I have seen that he is a relaxed, patient and perceptive workshop leader with a genuine interest in individual freedom, group collaboration and the process of collective discovery. I look forward to working with him again.”
Ralph (participant Genetic Choir, Transformations and Instant Dramaturgy)

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