Mad Urban

Mad Urban is a project conceived by Marisa Grande + Galit Shabi which had two editions until now in the East of Amsterdam. Together with Marisa and Galit, I am involved in developing this project artistically with the Muiderpoorttheater.

Mad Urban’s interest is to let the community of instant composers (who usually have a curriculum trained /academic background) meet with the improvisers from divers ‘urban’ communities.  We go through a short process of training together and inspiring each other, with finally instantly composed public performances the Muiderpoorttheater.

In the first two installments of this project it was the hip-hoppers, poppers, lockers and breakers scene that we encountered to work with.
Great energy, great synergy in the group notwithstanding such a diversity in individuals!

A recent installment of the Mad Urban project was in March 2010:

Artistic direction: Marisa Grande
Live Musician + Musical direction: Hans Hasebos
DJ: Broky B
Voice: Sandra Stark
Text work: Thomas Johannsen


Esmee Rode
Vashitah Comvalius
Makiko Ito
Thomas Johannsen
Robert Villdieu
Lukas van Buren

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