Making Sense

Collaborating as director with the SOIL Ensemble, we created a location music theatre piece for the Oerol Festival 2010.

We performed in a hilly part of the woods, behind the dunes of the island of Terschelling. Luckily, the grand piano had its own tent and could stay on the hill for the whole week. But the rest of the numerous instruments and most of the equipment had to be pushed and pulled up and down the hill every day. Lots of sweat, but an amazing location to make a performance for.  To get a taste of the result, look at one of the video’s below.

There are two version of the video:

I recommend the 10 minute version because it gives a good impression of the varied music and scenes in the performance. The 4 minute version is for those of you with no time to spare  😉

Here the 10 minute version:

And down here the 4 minute version: