Porte de Belleville / TukkersConnexion

Since a growing number of years, I am working every now and again with Roy Tukkers and Godelieve Huijs and their Rotterdam-based company TukkersConnexion.

We are basically a street/location theatre group that has grown from making very small visual performances for outdoor festivals into creating more and more theatrical pieces, which steadily become bigger in scope – the constructions grow in size, but also the duration of the performances and the complexity of story and imagination.

I am performing for them but also sometimes fullfil the roles of director, performance coach or dramaturg to support the joint creation of the company’s pieces.

TukkersConnexion is regularly invited to perform outside of the Netherlands on various outdoor festivals. Quite frequently in Germany, but we have also been to festivals in Poland, France, Austria and Spain with the bigger performances (while Roy and Godelieve performed their solo’s as far out as the WorldBuskersFestival in Christchurch, New-Zeeland).

The biggest performance we made together was the theatrical evening performance Porte de Belleville which can be performed outside or in regular theatres (if the stage is big enough to take it).   🙂

To contact TukkersConnexion, look at the website:   www.tukkersconnexion.com