Children’s Theatre

Every now and again, I am involved in creating theatre for the very young – often as director/maker, sometimes as performer.

Lindai Boogerman / Rode Aarde



This performance, about all the adventures that can be experienced with stacking and folding and ripping paper, suitcases and stones is still touring.

It visited Berlin in October 2013 (Fliegendes Theater) and is still visiting theatres and kindergardens throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

On the 2 turvenhoog Festival 2009, Lindai Boogerman and me created the research performance ‘Warboel’ and from this spawned this full performance that premiered in 2011.

See for bookings and performance dates this website: – click through to Artists/Lindai Boogerman/”Stapel!”

Zante Kastano

In 2006, I made the live-music puppetry performance “Zante Kastano in de wolken”. A cello, a marimba, an electric guitar and percussion accompanied the story of Zante, who lives in and is a friend of the clouds. One actor and a flying puppet where playing the story together with the musicians.

The piece toured for two season through Holland and Belgium and played in 2009 on the 2turvenhoog Festival

Click here for the (now discontinued) website of Zante Kastano

Or look at the youtube video:


And then there’s Wonderland:   A project initiated and led by Makiko Ito. Combining dance+music improvisation with playing for the very young and their parents.  Beautiful. Come and see it!

Have look at:


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