Radio Kootwijk Live

The group Radio Kootwijk Live is an ongoing project started by contemporary musicians who wanted to explore new ways of giving classical concerts.  Together with artists from other disciplines they are looking for relating more dynamically and intimately with their audiences.

Our base is Radio Kootwijk, an old radio station build like a cathedral, situated on the edge of the nature park De Veluwe near Apeldoorn, Netherlands. But we give concerts and create unusual interdisciplinary events in concert halls and unusual locations all through the Netherlands:

In our Laboratorium sessions, in Radio Kootwijk or elsewhere, we develop new material and interact with invited audiences, fellow artists and other professionals from the most varied strands of society. By now there have been several spin-offs and concerts (like on the Huddersfield Festival for Contemporary Music in 2010), while we also found a committed partner in the Vredenburg Utrecht, who gave us the opportunity to create a ‘Carte Blanche’ series of 7 completely different, audience-interactive concerts in the period 2010 t0 2013.

The approach of Radio Kootwijk Live is defined by an open view on what musical performance could be. Collaboration of professionals from varying disciplines and an unusual trust and openness to different approaches that do not have to cancel each other out but can live next to and enrich each other are the trademark of RadioKootwijkLive. The fact that we are always looking for a connection with our audiences, involving them, rather than playing ‘at’ them means that each performance is a special experience, for both performers and guests.

Over the last few years, I have been involved with Radio Kootwijk Live in varying roles: as Musician/Singer, Voice instructor for audiences, but also steering the artistic processes from the role of stage director, talk facilitator and dramaturg.

Here some RKL video snippets which can give you a good impression of our work:

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