The Perfect Moment

The final theatrical concert that we created with Radio Kootwijk Live in an exciting series for the Vredenburg Utrecht, was titled “The Perfect Moment”.

We explored our human desire to experience ‘sublime moments’ (in life, and in concerts). Confronting the paradox of wanting to experience them (as performers, and as human beings), but usually not getting them when we are trying to create or control them.

The performance was filmed on 28 March 2013, in Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht.

The concert contained music of a. o. Claude Debussy, Kevin Volans, Heinz Holliger, Bohuslav Martinu
Words by Hiekelien van den Herik, Georg Trakl and Thomas Johannsen

Antje Lohse (soprano)
Marieke Franssen (flute)
Marieke Wenink (viola)
Miriam Overlach (harp)
Mehmet Polat (ud)
Marijn Korff de Gidts (percussion)
Marije Nie (tap)
Thomas Johannsen (director/actor)
Elze van den Akker (stage design/actor)
Rinke Bartelink (light design/lights)
Hiekelien van den Herik (texts/reading)
Parcifal van den Berg, Tjebbo Hepkema (taste-bud experts)

More info about Radio Kootwijk Live can be found here.



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