Video / Audio

Listen to fresh vocal compositions on the Genetic Choir Audio Page or directly on Soundcloud.

GENETIC CHOIR – Loop-Copy-Mutate – interactive concerts in the NoordZuidlijn / Amsterdam Central Station 2017

GENETIC CHOIR – Church Songs For the 21st Century, Obrechtkerk Amsterdam 2015


Radio Kootwijk Live – “THE PerFECT MOMENT” 2013

Making Sense  –  Music-Theatre on Location For Oerol 2010

GENETIC CHOIR – Sound Particle Field

Genetic Choir – The silo tapes #1

IMPS@WORK&SOUP! – fragment from “The Body of Shadows

Radio Kootwijk Live – ‘usti BaBA’ fragment of “RE.SONANT”, Grachtenfestival 2010

Genetic Choir VOICE IMPROVISATION – interview while giving a workshop in Prague, Czech Republic

Porte de Belleville – with TukkersConnexion

Radio Kootwijk Live – “Idiots” Concert 2011

Radio Kootwijk Live – ‘Brahms Piano’ fragment of “RE.SONANT”, Grachtenfestival 2010

Radio Kootwijk Live – “BODY RESONATOR” concert 2010