All Workshops

Below a list of improvisation workshops that I developed and enjoy giving, grouped per discipline.

Most recurring are the Genetic Choir workshops, look for currently planned dates here.

Theatre workshops

Physical transformations can be big and small, almost imperceptible or swallowing you whole. It can be used for abstract movement, but also to create character, or “another thing that lives in you”. This is a workshop on how to enjoy riding the wild waters of body+voice transformation.

Words are easy, we use them everyday. But on stage they can sometimes become unwieldy and the best text can sound artificial. This is a workshop about the beauty of saying words and playing with story. On keeping text fresh and meaningful, even if learned by heart.

Material has it’s own mind. Objects tend toward certain states and certain behaviour. In object-theatre and puppetry we use this fact to create story, emotion and multi-layered meaning from things and their ‘thingness’. This is a workshop for performers to train their sensitivity and imagination. Things teach improvisers a whole lot about simplicity. Allow objects to have their own mind and you’ll be surprised by the worlds they reveil to you.


Dance/Movement workshops

A workshop about improvised dance with the simple yet slightly schizophrenic approach of following something other than your own choice. It is not you who is dancing anyway. Leave it to ‘something else’ to guide you. It usually knows what is the right thing to do.

Aikido principles are extremely useful not only for physical training, but especially for strengthening your abilities as an improviser. Accepting what is, making full choices (not half), developing movement in contact with your partner. Prepare to move a lot!

Voice/Music workshops

The Genetic Choir is a method of Instant Vocal Composition: Improvising with your voice, while giving yourself over to the ‘beast’ of the ensemble. It’s about daring to have your own voice and enjoy it. But also to a high degree about sensitivity, listening and connecting. Have a look on to read more about the philosphy of the work.

A workshop on sound colours, textures and timbre. On letting space and body resonate with your voice. Manipulating your timbre and mixing textures and frequencies when working as a group. You will hear new details in your voice and spread it’s vibration through your whole body.

A workshop for experienced improvisers who want to work on how to give whole concerts as an improvisation ensemble. Singing solo, duet, trio, creating long-spun symphonies and exhilarating rythms. Heating up material, letting it explode. Recycle it later…

A workshop with ample room for your individual voice. This is for beginners and advanced singers alike a possibility to dive deeper into real voice work. Advanced people choose their own focus and will be coached by me and each other. What is your authentic voice and musicality?

Interdisciplinary workshops

With many disciplines together there is so much to explore, we sometimes drown in the possibilities. This workshop is about my approach to keep things sharp when working interdisciplinary. We will play a lot and learn tools for sustaining flow and clarity in complex performances.

This workshop (for experienced improvisers) is about the mechanisms at work in interdisciplinary improvisation performance. While the above workshop is about hands-on performing skills, this one is about theory making and the framing of pieces. How can we set up performances that deliver the right mix of ‘juice’ and ‘challenge’ for the performers to shine in? We will explore this through playing  and reflecting on our own work.


In General

All workshops are professional workshops in the sense that they specifically invite people with a professional attitude and sincere interest in working on these subjects. I prefer not to use labels such as ‘amateurs’/’professionals’, as any perceived level of experience is relative, and I work in a way that individual differences in experience don’t prohibit the quality of the overall teaching and training.

How it works

Workshops can have different lengths and pricing. General fee for workshops that I organise myself is at the moment 110,- per participant (excl.VAT) for the length of a whole weekend.

When you are organising space and participants, different types of prices can be agreed, just get in contact.

Workshops can take place anywhere. My base, however, is the Netherlands. Past workshops have happened in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Prague, Torino, Hannover and New York, and I am fine travelling around.

Send me your wishes or any questions you might have through the form below.

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