Genetic Chamber Choir

The Genetic Chamber Choir

3 full days and 3 evenings within a month, including performance – February/March 2011 – Amsterdam

Workshop Fee: 230 Euro,-


Wednesday 23 February 18:00-21:00
Thursday 24 February 10:30-16:30
Friday 25 February 11:00-17:00
Saturday 5  March 11:00-17:00
Wednesday  23 March 18:00-21:00
Thursday 24 March  18:00-21:00  (including concert)

Exact location will be announced.

A concentrated workprocess on instant vocal composing in a small group + concert.

In this workshop, I would like to work with a committed group of experienced singers and work towards a small concert in an Amsterdam venue or art space.

We will work with the principles of the Genetic Choir, but we will go more deeply into all the aspects of vocal instant composition: Singing solo, duet, trio, creating long-spun symphonies and exhilarating rythms. Heating up material, letting it explode. Recycle it later. Subtelties of copying, counterpointing, absorbing and transforming. We will look more extensively into styles, textures, structures, story and how to use and mix them in a group of singers where nobody has the control.

If you don’t know what the Genetic Choir way of working is, look here for some more information:

This workshop is meant for people with a certain experience in using their voices and working with improvisation. However, you don’t necessarily need to have prior experience with the Genetic Choir or a specific singing training in order to join. You need an open mind, familiarity with using your voice to such an extend that you don’t mind singing solo, and the readiness to give yourself over to any music that the moment asks for.

Please state what your background is when you apply. Participants will be selected.

If you have questions, or you’d like to register for the workshop, contact me via the form below: